Soft and Hard for PSK31

(Last update: 02-Jan-2002, A.K.A as € Update)

There is much software for getting in the air on PSK31. You can choose based on the Operating System of your computer and after that based on the hardware you have. You should read the notes for the compatibilities between DOS and Windows versions.

This is also the main distribution point for Peter G3PLX's  implementation reference software, known in it's Windows compatible version as P31SBW or PSKSBW. It is here but will also be able to get last english version requesting




You should always check for general Ham & linux applications at


Operating System Independent

PSK31 by Hardware, or should I say, Hardware independent? ;-)

  • George N2APB has prepared an Integrated and Portable PSK Station for 80 and 20 ... without using a PC! It's based ont the simple PSK transceiver boards from NN1G and Small Wonder Labs, along mith a Motorola EVM56002 . Characters are sent with a Morse Paddle. Details are available here
  • After a year in the air the PIC based implementation of PSK31 by Clint KA7OEI, has been modified to allow serial control. He uses this setup for beacons on MedFer experimentation. Details along with sources for PIC programming are available here.
  • Small Wonder Labs has just announced the PSK-20, a 20m transceiver kit designed for PSK31 that uses Digipan to take a glance at the IF passband. Details here
  • Graeme Zimmer VK3GJZ has prepared a BaseBand PSK31 Decoder Module and is working in a project for a PSK31 Transceiver which uses a PIC16C877 processor to read from a standard PC keyboard and write to a 40 x 4 LCD screen that joined to his decoder a (to be designed) PSK31 Encoder Module. You can take a look at this work here
  • Various pieces of software...

    ... and some pieces of Hardware 
    (for interfacing to Sound Boards)